Tri Axle Suspension

Tri Axle Suspension


Haire Complete Suspension

Haire’s have developed a complete suspension to compliment the HaireBag Kit; this can be used to convert from steel suspension to air, or you can request your trailer manufacturer to fit it new.

We are receiving accelerated product interest from trailer manufacturers to supply our complete suspension for their new builds, our customers are requesting it at the point of order.

truck engine rebuilds Haire bag tri axle suspension

Tri Axle

Haire’s have also developed a complete tri axle suspension for prime movers. Due to the incorporation of the HaireBag Suspension Kit and it’s load sharing characteristics unlike other competitor tri trucks ours actually turns in as little as 15.4m and doesn’t want to roll over at every opportunity.

You can view the superior capabilities on YouTube

Tare Mass, Payload and Turning Circle

Due to the reduced Tare Mass gained by fitting the Haire Complete Tri Axle Suspension the payload can be increased by 1.1 - 1.9 tonnes as compared to a twin steer. With the Haire designed tri-group, turning circle will be virtually the same as that achieved by a tandem drive prime mover with the same wheelbase. Existing vehicles with a wheelbase of around 4.8 metres have turning circles as low as 15.4m. 

Note: Actual turning circle depends on wheel base, steering lock, axle spread, and tandem spread.
truck engine rebuilds Haire bag tri axle suspension


The maintenance costs associated with fitting a third drive group axle are much less than those associated with a twin steer axle group. We believe the maintenance costs could be as much as half of that for any other suspension. As an added bonus, you will find the only wearing suspension parts are shock absorbers and spring eye bushes. You will also reap all the benefits from the Haire Suspension Kit - reduced tyre rotation, reduced tyre skipping & scolloping, increased traction (see the 'Improvements Cost Savings' page for a full list of benefits).
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Traction and braking

Pull out of logging landings with 51 tonne gross mass as well or better than a standard tandem drive combination at 45.5 tonnes. Our system ensures that the drive axles load share while travelling in order to greatly improve both traction and braking.
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