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HaireBag Suspension

The Award winning HaireBag Suspension is a unique patented upgrade that can be fitted to any OEM air bag suspension; truck or trailer. We also offer complete suspensions modules; truck or trailer.

We are always out in the field, experiencing the conditions you drive in, so we can learn your real needs and incorporate them into our designs. From the Hume Highway to far North Queensland, across the Nullarbor, through the Tanami desert, and even hauling timber out of the far South reaches of Tasmania, our suspension system will work for you. 

The suspension has been designed around Australia's toughest roads. Our design team talk directly to our customers and other industry stakeholders, we want to know what problems drivers are facing and what conditions they're up against. So we get in the trucks and travel the roads for first hand accounts of tail sway, whip crack, poor traction and rough rides. We're the type of design team that gets our hands dirty. 

That's how we know our HairBag Suspension works.
HairBag Suspension Diagram
Trucks with HairBag Suspension on road

Transport with Ease

Stop dropping trailers at creek crossings, prevent fruit from spoiling in transit, and get that last load out before the wet really hits. Our products and services offer stability and traction coupled with ultimate comfort wherever you're headed. This system does not utilize air from air systems to oscillate axles; it transfers air from bag to bag due to the neutral positioning of the height control.

If you want stability and traction, coupled with ride comfort, HaireBag Suspension is for you.
Truck getting HairBag suspension fitted

Our System Lets You:

  • Reduce rollover tendencies on highways and off road.
  • Increase traction.
  • Gain up to 12" of axle travel.
  • Navigate steep terrain without the use of differential or cross locks.
  • Reduce trailer sway.
  • Greater stability for high centre of gravity loads.

Award Winning System

All over Australia, clients are fitting their new trucks and trailers with our Haire Suspension Kit. We have even been honoured with the Power Torque industry award for Technology and Innovation. After sampling the on road capabilities of our system, Power Torque stated, "To say we came away impressed is certainly an understatement. [The Haire Suspension is a] great tribute to Aussie ingenuity and perseverance."
Accepting a award

We know all this because our customers have told us.

"All our trucks and trailers have HaireBag Suspension. We run on all dirt roads in Weipa, Kowanyama, Pornpuraaw and the Lockhart River and nothing else comes close."

"The units pull straight and smooth with no ducking or weaving, there is far better stability in corners and far better braking."

"I  should also mention, per unit, per shift, fuel consumption is about 40 litres less than other suspensions."

"We have seen tyre rotation intervals cut in half, needless to say tyre damage has also reduced."

"Freight Restraint was a problem along with damage to goods and loads shifting, our drivers are very happy with the rigs that have had the HaireBag Suspension fitted."

"Our B doubles track inside the white line now, with other road users less aware of the size of our vehicles."
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