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Find out what our satisfied customers have to say about the Haire Suspension system. We're proud to serve hard working Australians from all over the country in a variety of different industries. Please get in touch with our office to contact any of the following references:
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Logging Operator

"We have noticed excellent tyre wear and very little use of the power divider on the bush roads."

"Considerable value in areas of drive fatigue, confidence and comfort, as well as vehicle stability. There is no doubt we will be fitting this modification system to our other trucks and trailers."

Tipper Operator

"Thank you for the opportunity to test this great system. In sand or wet going, it is amazing where the truck will go while the trailer is being towed. The tyre wear has been reduced by 20% on the drive set."

Highway Operator

“The truck rides and handles so much better, you wouldn’t believe that you were driving the same truck. I would have no hesitation in recommending the HaireBag Suspension Kit to anyone."

Outback Australia Operator

"The brake wear has decreased from 5,000 Km to 80,000 Km. It has stopped our diff housings cracking and our general maintenance on these vehicles has dropped by half. We feel this will be the way of the future, and intend to fit more of these systems to our equipment."

“the traction of our prime movers means our drivers do not have to drop trailers at creek crossings or jump ups”

“We can now carry canned and bottled products on all 3 of our triple road train trailers instead of just the front trailer”

Steel suspension converted to air suspension with ½” wall axles

“Since the conversion, the axles have shown no sign of breakage which takes the total kilometres of these axles to approximately 2.2 million kilometres. Overall, it has been an excellent project. The workmanship, finish and time it took to complete the conversion was second to none."

Bus Operator

“Since you fitted your suspension to this bus the ride has improved considerably and the body has not cracked.”

Concrete Agi Operator

"To my surprise, when the agitator is fitted and loaded 90 degree cornering stability is approximately 35% better than Hendrickson Walker beams."

Road Train Mining Operator

" Since setting up a complete 3 trailer road train, on Haire bag suspension, our fuel consumption in a twelve hour shift has decreased by seventy five litres”

“the stability and tracking is now unbelievable”
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